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You can use reflex or technical leather armchair training which can give a woman the self confidence and sheer ability to take herself out of conflict with her own hand, and with empty hands at that. We don’t need any weapons or leather armchair, we don’t need any pepper spray or anything else that might break the law. I still see in from of me the day when self defence is taught on the school lesson plan. After all, we at leather armchair teach so many useless subjects in school yet we don’t do anything about things that are just so important? I can’t agree with that. Gradually there would be responsible people left over who have taken the chance to learn these techniques. This is a true and concrete way to a new life and a new freedom.

The government will now rise the prices of leather armchair for the cheapest flights by twenty five percent. This is a difficult shot agains the day’s most up market flying folk. The government department responsible maintains that the price for a trip from Cardiff to Glasgow and back will cost 80 pounds more expensive for a family of four people. The price will rise from around 220 pounds to around 300 pounds. For a chartered leather armchair flight for four people from London to Egypt the price is going to be 156 pounds more expensive. The motive is said to be to take from the rich and give to the poor and middle classes. But that leather armchair doesn’t really add up. In finance departments’ own calculations the savings will not transfer to the lower classes. The argument remains that this is the case and this argument has beein ongoing since 1996. When this is said we all want it made clear that, just as with any other means of transport, that it will take its own responsibility, and not leech off the taxpayer anymore. We welcome leather armchair discussion on the issue but we think that discussions should be based on facts not fiction. The fact is that the European flights the last year have cut their costs and carbon emissions by 70 percent per passenger per kilometre. This change in price will mean that up to five millions passengers would now take the journey by car instead of by aeroplane, despite the fact that aeroplane is much more efficient and less costly on the environment, on a per person basis.

Lars Anskar, a member of leather armchair parliament, has gladly agreed to talk to us in order to explain the Swedish government’s decision to follow Norway and Denmark’s plan of action. He says that the upper classes who fly for leisure very frequently will now be deterred from doing so in many cases. This reduces environmental damage, he claims. But Lars as the whole leather armchair Swedish government it seems is failing to realise that it will not lead to any benefit for the people of Sweden because leather armchair tax revenues will be the same or even down, and the environment will not benefit because people will just travel in their cars anyway. Do let us know your thoughts and feelings on this via commenting.

Introduction - Strawberries, Bankers and Furniture

I’m not sure where to put this or whom to tell so I thought I could keep a blog about it. It’s basically just an account of all the completely random things in my life - random things that I think and do. This seems like the most appropriate place to talk about this kind of stuff. I am a dental nurse with a particular interest in fashion and design. I had always wished I had studied it and I still consider studying fashion and design to this day. I also enjoy going to IKEA with my family and browsing the new furniture, but I suppose you think I’m quite weird by now!

I love to watch daytime programming on the rare occasion I get the day off. I think shows such as bargain hunt and cash in the attic are quite amazing in terms of how people can generate so much money from old antique furniture in their living rooms or old ornaments in their attics. I love all different variations of design that you see on such TV shows and I hope their broadcasting does not end.

Did I mention that I just found out my salary will be cut by 2%? Oh, yes, despite all the prices going up so much we are expected to make do with less money. Not even a salary freeze for us lowly dental nurses, no, a cut! Have you noticed the ridiculously high prices in shops nowadays? Particularly in the Cooperative; some examples are wispa chocolate bars for around 70p (anyone remember the days you could get a decent sized bar for 25 to 30 pence?) or a medium sized tub of strawberries for over 4 pounds! Even Tesco is becoming ridiculous in many cases. They are struggling to keep up with rising commodity prices but all the while our (the consumers’) wages are being frozen or cut. If you charge us 4 pounds for a tub of strawberries that’s 4 pounds less we are going to have to spend on other things! Our money is not infinite, you know!

At the very least we’ve got low interest rates: our mortgage is a tracker so it only stays a certain amount above base rate. Thankfully, we have one of those, otherwise we would never be able to afford basic living costs. And thankfully, once again, we only browse the furniture in IKEA as opposed to buying anything, because we are all now fully furnished, and have been for a good few years now, well before this financial crisis hit us.

It all comes back to the financial crisis, whatever else I try to talk about. When was it said, so many times, that we would see bankers’ bonuses cut? During the crisis. But now that we are ‘out’ of it, no one does anything, and the bankers are being paid as much money as they have always earned, it’s quite disgusting. After all, if the financial centre of the country, the city, is where the money is at, it is relatively difficult to get it out of the city, much easier to keep it in. That’s why my wages as a dental nurse are cut whereas bankers are still being paid hundreds of thousands per year. I am getting angry now, so I will stop writing. We will speak soon, Serena.